Monday, July 26, 2010


Ah, Edinburgh in August: warm audiences, damp weather, cheap alcohol, full bellies, empty houses, expensive accommodation, invisible producers, all-too-visible promoters, camaraderie, break-ups, breakdowns, crippling debt, and enough flyers left in boxes and bins at the very end to make an environmentalist weep.

It’s time for Fringe and, deep down, we all love it. And, although 404 Funny isn’t up there doing a show this year, we do have some fantastic performances in the archive from Comedy 365’s two years at the planet’s biggest arts festival.

All this week, we’re back in 2008, when Comedy 365 was part of PBH’s Free Fringe at Dragonfly, a bar just west of Grassmarket, halfway up West Port.

On today’s show, in order of appearance:

Ste will be MCing at The Slaughterhouse and Lenny's Bar and Smoke Grill in Liverpool on Friday and Saturday nights throughout August 2010. For details of these and other show dates, plus ticket availability, click here.

Pegabovine are on infinite hiatus and Tom himself has been fairly quiet of late, which probably means he’s up to something. Be the first on your block to know by clicking here.

Sarah (Dean) won’t be at Edinburgh this year – the reason behind this may be because she “hates downhill more than uphill” or it may just because she’s up to something with her significant other, who just happens to be that aforementioned Wateracre chap. Jessica Ransom, however, will be, with her one-woman show Ransom’s Million (Pleasance Cellar, 16.45, Aug 4th-30th, not 16th or 23rd).

Fresh from two consecutive appearances in the Musical Comedy Awards final, Jay will be showcasing some of the material from his second CD in Pretend You’re Happy (Underbelly Delhi Belly, 13.40, Aug 5th-29th, not 18th).

Continues to appear as a guest compere at The Funny Side…of Covent Garden.

Has, along with David LE Davis, written and appeared in Hung Out for Channel Four’s Comedy Lab, and the first six Dr Answers podcasts are still available for download right here at 404 Funny.

After two years of appearing in mixed-bill shows, Nick will this year be making his solo debut at Edinburgh in a show entitled Keep Hold of the Gold (Downstairs at the Tron, 15.40, Aug 5th-29th, not 18th).

Jake’s not at Edinburgh this year but, thanks to the BBC Trust, has been given a stay of execution on 6 Music, where he continues to contribute to Sean Keaveney’s breakfast show. We’re also betting he’ll be approached to be a talking head on those Morons of 2010 round-up shows on TV towards the end of the year that will probably be repeated nightly through until April 2011. He'll hopefully find some time to do some more podcasts for 404 Funny too – but for the time being have a listen to the best of his previous two series, The Jake Yapp Podcast and Jake Yapp’s Little Bits.

All acts recorded live at Sex Tips for Pandas, which was hosted by and co-produced with Sowerby & Luff, except Paul Conneely, who was recorded as part of his Edinburgh 2008 one-man show A Beginner’s Guide to Happiness at Holyrood Too@Faith.

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