Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Subscribe to 404 Funny for the last of four brand new Programme Shows in colour from your Master of Ceramics, John 'Teacups' Dredge to:
  • HEAR! unusual sounds the like of which have never been hearded before (probably)
  • SEE! very little, as this is an audio-only podcast
  • MARVEL! as radiophonic personage John Dredge takes you through an alarming series of odd features that cannot be described on this blog without a special licence costing £9.99 and nine-pence
  • BAULK! as many inexplicable things occur
  • STOP BAULKING! as they stop occurring as quickly as they started occuring 
  • TRY TO WORK OUT! if that is indeed how to spell the word 'Baulk'
This week’s guests do not include:
  • Barry Lurgons!
  • Frank Twiggtonby!
  • Ralph McMac!
  • Simon!
  • Pat Coombs!
  • Arthur Mullard!
  • John Conteh!
  • John Inman!
  • Willie Rushton!
All joining Bob in the big box game, Celebrity Squares! And here he is, the starmaster of celebs, the big square himself, Bob Monkhouse!!!

Yes, it’s all happening on 404 Funny - listen in HERE or subscribe HERE and win nothing at all TODAY!

Easy, tiger.

Monday, October 24, 2011


It has come to our attention that Creative Labs discontinued their ZenCast podcast organizer on October 1st. Unfortunately, Creative chose not to inform any of the podcast producers whose content has helped make their products and software so popular over the last five years, particularly among those who've given up on Apple and/or iTunes. To this end, we've removed the dead link to subscribe to 404 Funny via ZenCast and would encourage any former ZenCast users wishing to re-subscribe to use one of the alternatives provided in the right-hand gutter of this blog page.

We have no intention of charging for our content and we have absolutely no desire to ask for donations to meet our running costs. The financial side we can handle. Just. But the operational difficulties, lack of communication, and poor customer service both we and our subscribers have had to endure with some podcatchers (iTunes and ZenCast included), along with almost contant tinkering with social networking sites such as Facebook (which many podcasters use as their sole promotional avenue) and the complete failure of Twitter to handle its own success, have all contributed to make 2011 a terrible year for independent podcasters like ourselves. With specific regard to 404 Funny, this has meant that we've had less time and energy to spend on bringing you new content than we would have liked.

With some of the more reputable online directories not accepting new entries over the last couple of years and other directories establishing and discontinuing themselves within the blink of an eye, it has become incredibly difficult to know exactly which of these "service providers" deserves an investment of both our time and our trust. But we're always on the lookout for new ways to build our audience, and would encourage anyone with any views on the matter to email us at Hopefully, that will enable us to start 2012 in a more commanding position. Because we have plans. Oh, yes, we have plans...

In the meantime, we'll keep on producing content as long as we can guarantee a way for you to download it somewhere, anywhere, as well as doing our best to let you know as soon as we know of any hinderances to providing you with our service.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Coming to 404 Funny for the next few Wednesdays, a brand new holdall-packed series of short-ish podcasts recorded in special Sound-o-Noise.

Yes, it’s The Programme Show - featuring Frinton’s answer to somebody else, John 'Frinton's answer to somebody else' Dredge!

Listen in a not-dissimilar manner to the trio of fun-loving anarchists in the serving suggestion above to:
  • LEARN! all about the significance of the mungbean storage unit
  • THRILL! to the guest appearances of a man called Clive*
  • DISCOVER! exactly how many types of cube there are in YOUR town
Produced by producers of productions, this never-to-be-ironed series comes free*** with an unusual hoist.

The Programme Show will keep YOU in loam for literally years to come.

Listen to it – before IT listens to YOU!

Here be link:

*Clive appears by kind permission of Ronald.**
**Who Ronald appears by kind permission of we simply don't know.
***£74bn postage and packaging fee applies.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Today, 404 Funny kicks off its third year with a new addition to its roster of artistes: the delectable Ms Mary Christmas.

For the next six Sundays, the sexiest siren ever to come out of Steeple Bumstead (if you discount that April 1st when the village fire engine blasted Donna Summer's Love to Love You Baby on its way to a spate of local arson attacks) presents a fearless insight into her world.

Hear what happened when Mary tagged along with Russell Brand on a pub crawl, co-produced a celebrity version of MacBeth with Alan Sugar (complete with a female lead), and was whisked away on a yacht by Brad Pitt. [WARNING: Contains delusions of grandeur and unsubstantiated gossip those with a nervous disposition and/or an aversion to Closer magazine may find distressing.]

Listen to the first instalment here: or subscribe to our feed using one of the links at the top of the gutter on the right-hand side of this blog to hear each episode as soon as it appears on our feed.

You can also follow Mary's exploits online at:

Mary would like it to be known that Maggie Gordon-Walker is her sole owner but is willing to sell some of her shares to the right bidder.