Thursday, August 5, 2010


On today’s show, in order of appearance:

James co-wrote and appeared in Hung Out for Channel Four’s Comedy Lab, and the first six episodes of Dr Answers, the 404 Funny podcast he produced with David LE Davis, are still available for download. If you’ve never heard the show, why not start with the series compilation?

Caroline’s made the step up from the Free Fringe to the ticketed Fringe this year, something that isn’t as easy as it looks. Our very own Jake Yapp can testify to that, having had direct experience of it last year – and Caroline’s at the same venue: Just the Tonic @ The Caves. Now, it used to be that the Caves were just known as Caves 1, 2, and 3 – but this year there are six performance spaces at the venue, all with wacky Underbelly / Pleasance-like names, including the one Caroline’s in: Just the Wee One. We only hope that doesn’t mean she’s doing a show in the toilets – it’ll cause havoc with her multimedia and probably make her more ill than she was when she did a guest spot for Comedy 365 last year. Her 2010 show, Eat Your Friends, is on at 16.35, from today until August 29th (not 17th), and comes highly recommended.

Richard’s back on the Free Fringe this year with Kiwi Nick Rado in One Kiwi, One Aussie, One Hour (16.15, Aug 7th-28th) in the front of Sin Club and Lounge, which, for those old hands of the Fringe, was most recently known as Holyrood Too @ Faith and, many years ago, used to be the venue for Late ‘n’ Live.

Why Paul isn’t regularly on the radio, God only knows. One of the Fringe’s great storytellers, only he has the ability to turn the products of his thrift shopping expeditions into unmissable Edinburgh shows. Last year, he brought the stranger parts of his record collection to the Fringe; this year, he’s returning to the Laughing Horse Free Festival, recounting the tale of a wad of letters from the 1960s he found in a junk shop in The Lost Letters of Cathy G (Laughing Horse @ Espionage, 15:15, Aug 6th-30th).

Rosie’s Edinburgh 2010 show is Further Science of Sex (Underbelly Delhi Belly, 16.15, from today until Aug 29th, not 16th).

Barbara, the alter-ego of character comedian Janice Connolly, has been touring her 2009 Edinburgh show, doing the (very) odd guest spot during the first half of 2010, and playing Arthur Smith’s housekeeper in his Balham Bash series on Radio 4. There are no gigs currently advertised, which hopefully means she’s putting her feet up in Stockport with a nice cup of tea and some Lemon Puffs. But keep your eyes peeled on the Dates section of her fabulous website, the portal to all things Nice, for future appearances and lots more. And yes, her act was every bit as fun as it sounds.

All acts recorded live at Sowerby & Luff’s All Stars at The White Horse, Canongate.

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