Monday, September 20, 2010


Far from beyond the holdalls of today comes a brand new series of The Daily Dredge, presented by Vice-President of the Gwent Chipshop Owners Group, John Dredge, non-OBE.

In this daily blast of cagoule-based fun, you'll be able to eavesdrop on a whole host of something including features on many things of note and interviews with Sidcup residents, animals, and ting. There will also be special quizzes for those of you, and exciting adventure stories, often concerning different things and suchlike, suitable for a family of 20. The whole show is broadcast live from a grid of iron somewhere in Frinton, so please pay attention to wingnuts and audio fol-de-rol, for Heaven's sake.

So sit back, deactivatatronalize, and while away literally some minutes as we take you from there to here in a frenzy of mystical kludge.


John Dredge heself, him wot writ this,
in this year of our Lord Grade, tooty grand and tenner.

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