Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Subscribe to 404 Funny for the last of four brand new Programme Shows in colour from your Master of Ceramics, John 'Teacups' Dredge to:
  • HEAR! unusual sounds the like of which have never been hearded before (probably)
  • SEE! very little, as this is an audio-only podcast
  • MARVEL! as radiophonic personage John Dredge takes you through an alarming series of odd features that cannot be described on this blog without a special licence costing £9.99 and nine-pence
  • BAULK! as many inexplicable things occur
  • STOP BAULKING! as they stop occurring as quickly as they started occuring 
  • TRY TO WORK OUT! if that is indeed how to spell the word 'Baulk'
This week’s guests do not include:
  • Barry Lurgons!
  • Frank Twiggtonby!
  • Ralph McMac!
  • Simon!
  • Pat Coombs!
  • Arthur Mullard!
  • John Conteh!
  • John Inman!
  • Willie Rushton!
All joining Bob in the big box game, Celebrity Squares! And here he is, the starmaster of celebs, the big square himself, Bob Monkhouse!!!

Yes, it’s all happening on 404 Funny - listen in HERE or subscribe HERE and win nothing at all TODAY!

Easy, tiger.

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