Sunday, June 3, 2012


It's not even noon here at 404 Towers by the banks of the smelly Thames, where - from one look at the bunting alone - the locals seem to think America is part of the Commonwealth.

After having tossed and turned all night wondering what the constitutional status would have been if Her Majesty had died in her sleep overnight and suffered a rude awakening from cacophonous clashing ear-bleeding versions of Jerusalem, Land of Hope and Glory, and what sounded like a mezzo-soprano choking on a chicken bone, not to mention all the flamin' helicopters, we're already sick of the jubilee and wish we could just have an ordinary quiet Sunday watching that repeat of Foyle's War on ITV3.

However, we realize that, as a British podcast, our listeners expect at least something vaguely Jubilee-related on this most day of days, so here it is: the latest instalment from Haiste & Lawrence's Wills & Kate video series.

In fact, the reason for posting this is not so much anything to do with the jubilee but everything to do with this week's edition of John Dredge's Nothing to Do with Anything Show, in which Greg Haiste takes a featured guest star role. It's on the feed from Wednesday.

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