Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Today, inimitable radiophonic holdall consultant John Dredge (not pictured above) invites you and your team of aardvarks into his cubic audio realm for his Nothing To Do With Xmas Show, featuring some 34 minutes of continuous weirdness involving comedic hi-jinks and peculiar yet odd skits direct from somewhere including:

  • At Home With The Human League (pictured above)
  • The Adventures of Basil the Cylinder
  • An exclusive Open University lecture on cutlery
  • Partly-acclaimed avant-garde film director David Lynch showcasing an awful track from his new album
So download this mollusc-packed show to your family's wireless replacement device of choice today by clicking HERE!

Picture posed by models

And remember: never put a washing machine inside another washing machine on Christmas Day, as it gets confusing. (I speak from personal experience.)

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