Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Well, Poncho Fandango, as their name suggests, are a double act consisting of a double act called Poncho Fandango, as their name suggests.

But who are these "people" and what do they want, for Heavens sake? Let's take a look...

Emily McQuade is a partially qualified carp instructor. She can speak fluent hip-hop and knows enough new romantic to be able to order a beer. Despite being a powerful swimmer, she has an irritational fear of lemurs, describing them as "vampire woolly men." She has a PhD in Cutlery and is heavily involved in rice.

John Dredge is a collector of everything and has so far amassed over one million items. He is currently looking for a way out of his front door. Due to an administrative error, he once spent two weeks working as a goldfish but "didn't like to say anything and the tank had some lovely pebbles in it."

In their debut podcast, Poncho Fandango provide sketches for both you and your family dog, with a mixture of thrills, spills, sounds, non-sounds and musical silage.

So go on, listen today the Poncho way:

(I have no idea what that means; they just tell me what to write here.)

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